On Saturday 3rd November 2018, nine members of the North West Region ventured forth into the land of Haggis and Whisky for a gathering with members of the Scottish Region at the Buccleuch Arms Hotel, Moffat.

Twenty three members of the Scottish Region were on hand to greet us and bade us most welcome on our arrival. The entertainment for the day consisted of a Whisky Tasting at the Moffat Woollen Mill and shopping and browsing the many different shops for those not interested in the Whiskey Tasting. Believe it or not there were a few who declined the golden nectar!

We then retired back to the Moffat Arms Hotel where we were able to sit and watch the Rugby Internationals between England and South Africa and that of Wales and Scotland. Unfortunately the bad weather, I think it rains in Moffat most days of the year, precluded those assembled from taking short walks of drives around the area. The bad weather made it more easier to talk and meet and greet and many friendships were rekindled and made. Many of the of the friendships go back many years and the meeting between the Bonynge’s and the Seaward’s was rekindled after a break of 38 years, having last seen each other in April 1980 in Sinoia.

The evening’s entertainment consisted of the making of many new friendships and we were able to extend our hand at dice games so reminiscence of the days in Rhodesia. The evening meal was stupendous and consisted of many of the dishes associated with Rhodesia and the BSAP. Needless to say the festivities continued late into the night. The following morning we were once again exceptionally well looked after and the breakfast was excellent with a wide variety of choices and a Scottish Breakfast with Haggis and Black Pudding. The gathering broke up shortly after breakfast with members having to travel homewards.

We were exceptionally well looked after by 9410 Dave Smith, his wife Yvonne and sons Clint and Polly and all his members of staff who made us very welcome at all times. It is the feeling of the North West Contingent that this event was a resounding success and must be continued in the future.

Those in attendance were: Scottish Contingent: 7784 Steve Acornley, 6743 Bruce and Paddy Allen, 7343 John and Barbara Bryan, 6880 Bert and Katherine Hilliard, 5355 Ray and Gibson Hugh, 9019 Al and Lulu Kennedy, 902649 Al and Kym Leighton, 9042 Rob and Karen Minchin, 6507 Seamus Power, 5601 Eric Robb and Anne Binney, 5976 Nigel and Pauline Seaward, 7490 Peter Smith, 9410 David and Yvonne Smith. North West Contingent: 7902 Brien and Anne Bonynge, 7084 Frank and Margaret Dearden, 8307 Flash Firth and Jeanette McMeeken, 7050 John and Colleen Willoughby and 5907 Pete Wilson. Unfortunately 6508 Graham and Rogers had to cancel their trip due to ill health.

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