|At a recent meeting of the National Council of the International Police Association the following motion was passed:

‘That IPA Section UK welcomes as a category of Associate Member past officers of the British South Africa Police (BSAP), who served three or more years with the BSAP and who are current members of the BSAP Regimental Association UK.’

This means that a member of the UK Branch of the BSAP Regimental Association who served in the BSAP for 3 or more years as a regular, reserve, national service is now eligible to join the INTERNATIONAL POLICE ASSOCIATION and enjoy the benefits of membership of that world wide organisation.

Only members of the UK Branch of the BSAP Regimental Association may join the IPA, and any non-members wishing to join will have to join the BSAP Regimental Association UK Branch first.

To apply visit the IPA UK website : https://www.ipa-uk.org/Join-Us and complete the online application form. Select BSAP from the ‘Current/Previous Role’ drop down list on the second page of the online process.

On receipt of the form the IPA will check with Tony Granger to confirm eligibility.

The BSAP UK Branch is the first Associate Member Group of the UK International Police Association UK Section and Tony is congratulated for his persistence in negotiating this valuable benefit for UK Branch members.

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