Benevolence in the Branch is provided through the Almoner Service

The Almoner of the UK Branch is a member of the Branch Executive Committee who has the responsibility to be aware of and arrange assistance for any branch member, or their spouse, widow and family, in case of need, distress or hardship. To this end he endeavours to:

  • maintain regular contact with members and widow(er)s;
  • react promptly to information received concerning the welfare of members;
  • liaise with the Trustees of the BSAP Trust about cases and, where appropriate, submit applications for financial grants; and
  • attend or arrange for an Association representative at funerals – this includes the provision of the Force Cap & Flag if requested.

Financial hardship is initially dealt with via the State benefit system before referring applications to the Trustees. The UK Branch currently has over 60 Almoner Assistants to ensure that all areas are catered for and available to assist our members. All information concerning the health, welfare or financial situation of members is always treated as confidential. 

The UK Association Almoner, Tony Granger, has assembled a formidable package of benefits where special rates have been negotiated exclusively for Members of the UK Association. These include travel insurance a Will-Writing Service, and legal support to establish a Lasting Power of Attorney, all things of increasing importance in advancing years. Tony has prepared a paper outlining these services, and more details can be seen by clicking here or viewing below.

For more information, please visit the BSAP Trust website: