The main reason the Association was formed over a century ago was “……Above all, the subscriptions, which even if limited to 6d a month per member, would form the nucleus of a Benevolent Fund, which is much needed, by means of which help can be given in deserving cases.”

Today, the UK Branch of the Association continues this benevolent work through its Almoner Service and the BSAP Trust, a registered charity.

The Trust Declaration Section 4(a)states “To provide assistance and support to members of the United Kingdom Branch of the British South Africa Police Regimental Association and their dependants who are distressed by sickness or poverty.” On 17th day of November 2014 it was determined that “that the provision of assistance and support will be to those members of the UK Branch and dependents who are normally resident in the United Kingdom or at their absolute discretion of the Trustees in the event that the UK Branch member is subscribed to date but residing elsewhere.”Since 1987 the Trust has donated thousands of pounds to UK Branch. For more information on the Trusts and Trustees please click here.