Have you joined the British South Africa Police Regimental Association?

The British South Africa Police played a fundamental role in the development of Rhodesia and the history of Southern Africa.

The men and women who served in the BSAP were remarkable. Their commitment and dedication ensured that the BSAP gained its reputation as a unique force and one of the finest police forces in the world.

While the force no longer exists, its members continue to embrace its traditions and spirit through the BSAP Regimental Association.

For over 100 years, the Association has provided benevolence and comradeship to its members and their dependents. In recent years, The UK branch launched a digital remembrance campaign which focuses on preserving the heritage of the BSAP and the achievements of all who served.

The Association is a widespread community. Its members connect through its website, Facebook page and via outposts across the globe.

Membership is open to anyone who served in the BSAP with honour and pride including regulars, reservists, civilians and national service and following a recent amendment to the constitution, the UK Branch now accepts applications from interested persons who can
demonstrate a close and enduring relationship with the Force.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Didn’t the BSAP cease to exist at midnight on Friday 1st August 1980?

While this is an historical fact about the force, the men and women who served in the force did not cease to exist. Many live on and as members of the BSAP Regimental Association, continue to embrace the comradeship and esprit de corps of our incredible police force.

Is it true that all the Association does is organise events for members to meet up and have a few beers?

Of course our members meet regularly to reconnect, remember and rehydrate. But they also benefit from a range of other of other vital services the Association offers e.g. do you know that the UK Branch provides support and welfare to its members, spouses and their families in times of need?

Why should I join – surely the Association has enough members already?

The Association can never have enough members. Each year, we lose more and more of the remarkable individuals who worked together to make the BSAP the powerhouse it was. While we can’t cheat the reality of time, we can ensure the heritage of the BSAP lives on long after we are gone by coming together to support the work the Association does now.

How do I join the Association?

Joining the UK Branch of the BSAP Regimental Association is straightforward. You can either visit our website and apply online or you can contact our Hon Sec by email to get the ball rolling.

Can I join the Association if I was a reservist?

Anyone who served with distinction and honour in the BSAP is entitled to join the Association. This includes regulars, reservists, civilians, women and men. It also includes ex-force members who attested in the late 70’s and Associate memberships are available for a member’s immediate family.

I wasn’t in the force for long and since then, I have made my own contacts so why do I need to join the Association?

You are missing out. The Association has become an immense and widespread community that continues to grow as an increasing number of people join to share their experiences and reconnect with old friends. We have an extensive database of ex-force members who live across the globe. Have you connected with everyone you might like to? Would you like to support your friends and their families who served with you?

How does the BSAP Regimental Association fund the work it does?

The Association is not a self-funding, selforganising machine. All the work it does is only made possible through the voluntary efforts of its committees and members, and by the financial donations and membership subs it receives. We cannot ensure the heritage of the BSAP merits more than a line history by sitting at a keyboard. To stay in business we need to increase, and keep increasing, our membership numbers.