We are delighted to be able to install a calendar view of the UK Associations event plan for 2021, giving a complete view of planned activities for the year, at both Regional and National level. There are some important points to note:-

  • There are no planned events until before April, because of Covid restrictions.
  • The AGM this year is scheduled for Saturday, 10th April, and all being well, will be held in the VSC in London as usual. If we are unable to meet in person, the Committee will plan a virtual AGM, and any voting requirements will be met through postal ballot in plenty of time.
  • The regular London “First Tuesday” gatherings are being moved to “First Saturday”. The plan will be to meet from 12 noon, this is designed to enable more people to come, and also for our elders to be able to travel home again before dark. We will be monitoring numbers of attendees and reviewing the plan again for 2022. Watch this space. There will be no First Saturday meeting in April as we are holding the AGM the following week, so the inaugural 1st Saturday will be Saturday, 1st May 2021.
  • The committee are dedicated to engaging with as many members as is possible, at both Regional and National events. To try and accommodate this, the decision has been taken to alternate the Regimental Dinner with a Regimental Luncheon, to which it is hoped that many members will be able to attend. To maintain the spirit of the Regimental Dinner, it is our intention to continue to host that at the VSC in London. In alternate years, the committee is open to using different venues around the country for the Luncheon. More details of this change will be published on the website and in the Outpost circulations.
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Upcoming Events: